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in the out-of-house market as:

Sparring partner

Set your strategy and direction with me as your sparring partner.

I look forward to your invitation for the first round!


Markets are complex and have their own tides and laws.

Rarely we are able to directly achieve objectives.

Get me on board!

Do you know the

way to success?

Decode the behaviour of the market and of your customers!

Try to avoid trap doors! Referral marketing and communication at the right place!

Benefit from the network for all your

questions concerning your success.

Our team solves your various challenges – with pleasure!


We are happy to assist you, your team and your advertising agency in the professional orientation of:


Workshops | Seminars | Trade fair appearances | Roadshows | Industry events | cooking events


Movie spots | Product presentations | Image films | Recipe film | ...

The competence

A result of:

Market, strategy and trade know-how

through responsability in the sales department of EDEKA C+C Großmarkt

GmbH for the national delivery service.

Experience in

sales, marketing and product

development in the food service industry i.e. working for Debic / Friesland Campina and Sander Gourmet.

Practical experience in the

gastronomy and hospitality industry

as an experienced chef, hotel expert and manager.

Moderation und organization

of the “Exchange-of-experiences-group gastronomy in amusement parks” and “Network Foodservice – Product development”.

Network of professional

and experienced specialists

Don’t hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to hearing about your requirements and challenges.

My promise:

A dedicated and ambitious processing.

+49 1 72 / 91 01 65 5